Project Trillek is a community game development project inspired by Notch's 0x10c.

Project Trillek is not derived from or directly based on 0x10c, which is now cancelled, but instead a sci-fi sandbox game inspired and influenced by what 0x10c could have been. Armed with your trusty ship, its DCPU16-based control system and a weapon or six, you can set out to explore the universe in a way few have ever dared to attempt. Only you can forge your destiny in Project Trillek's brave new world.

We're dedicated to creating a fun, challenging game that you control. We envision a variety of gameplay in space, on the surface of planets, and seamlessly transitioning between the two. There's fun to be had in all aspects of space exploration, from writing code to calculate faster-than-light travel routes based on always-changing hyperspace conditions, to exploring the surface of some randomly-generated planet in hopes of finding evidence of a civilization long forgotten, to being chased down the halls of your own ship by an alien menace.

This project is and will always be free software, which means anyone can download the source code, modify it, redistribute it, and redistribute modified copies. You can use the project for whatever you like, from teaching programming to exploring space physics. All our software is licensed under copyleft free software licenses, so all we ask is that if you distribute modified copies you also give people access to your modifications to the source code when they ask. This project comes from the community, for the community, and we welcome your feedback and participation as we create the ultimate space simulator. We need your help!

If you want to contribute to the project (code, art, anything!), come and chat with us in #project-trillek at (Freenode webchat). You can view the current logs at If you want to discuss the game, make suggestions, chat with the development team and be the first to hear about the latest updates and builds, join our Discord server or visit our subreddit /r/trillek.

- The Trillek Team